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The amazing discoveries in the field of the science of happiness, emotional intelligence, and resilience show us exactly how to gain more control of our own happiness, including reducing our negative emotions and bouncing back from crises, than ever before. There are literally dozens of happiness activities, boosters, mental shifts, and environmental changes you can make in your life to be happier, even if you have inherited an unhappy disposition.

The American Happiness Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit founded by scientists and designed to educate individuals and organizations about how to be happier, how to control negative emotions, and how to boost resilience through tough times. The scientifically-based benefits of happiness to individuals and our society are overwhelming. Now there is finally one centralized place you can come to find research-based happiness tools from hundreds of scientists all over the world that have been proven to work on all kinds of people.

"...A breath of fresh air." Chris Brown, Realtor Extraordinaire

"Boy, am I glad I went to Napa to see you tonight! …you really struck me by saying that you care about me. To a person in pain that has deep value and meaning. In fact, it is profound. You have an incredible vision. Of making a happy world - of ending the conflicts of the world - by making people happy sustainably. That is so huge. You are opening my eyes. So glad I got to meet you. Sign me up for your happiness club, please." S.P., St Helena, CA

"This [mindfulness teleseminar] session was wonderful! I am so thankful you had recorded it so that I could listen to it at a quiet moment - my day will be different now after what I learned - Thank you to all your team of experts!" Coco Bujold, St. Simons Island, GA

If You Are Suffering

We know some of you might not feel ready for happiness right now. You can, however, learn coping skills that will help you weather personal crises so that happiness and hope become reachable again. We do not promote blind optimism or fake-it-till-you-make-it happiness; these are not supported by science.

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If you'd like to help us make the world a happier place (how cool would that be!), we need your financial support. All donations are tax-deductible; we are a 501(c)3 charity. THANK YOU for helping someone else be happier. When you donate, you help suicidal teens choose life; you help people in midlife crisis avoid illness, recover from divorce, and get off the unemployment rolls faster. And you help yourself, because an act of kindness leads to increased happiness for yourself as well as the other person. Choose the donate button in the yellow box on the right.


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